Wednesday February 17th 2010

Today was a sunny day with the highs getting to the 50’s with a cold wind. The temperature should continue to rise through the week approaching 60. I don’t think it will make it as next week should be cold again. The daffodils are already sticking their heads up through the soil in the backyard. I am itching to get out and get my garden started. I need to do some more pruning though and burn the brush before I can garden. Looking forward to eating out tonight.


Tuesday February 16, 2010

Yesterday we went and made funeral arrangements for my mom. It was a cool rainy start but the sun came out later in the day. I spent the evening at my nieces house and it was a very good visit. My brother and his family, some of their friends, cousins, nephews………what a blessing. God has blessed me so much.

Today will be the funeral and it will be cold and windy. We will be inside for the service and then to the graveside where we will need our heavy jackets. The cemetery is at Mt Carmel Church where I went to church growing up. It is such a wonderful place. I have some very fond memories of that place. That is where daddy is buried and mama will be beside him for the first time since daddy died in 1973. The great reunion. High today 43 F.

Sunday February 14th, 2010

Well, it was a lovely day for Valentines day. Sunshine and partly sunny skies. About 43 degrees F.

My mother passed away at about 9:30 am today. She has been sick for a few months and her frail 92-year-old body was worn out. She had to have a leg removed in Jan and the other leg was looking bad. She just didn’t make it. So, I guess today was a special day in that my mom went on to meet her family. I guess this will be a day to remember. Mom is at rest.

Saturday February 13, 2010

The day after snow

The next day

Snow at or House

February 12th Snow

Began snowing yesterday at 3:20 pm and it ended around 12:30 am. The snow was beautiful and it was the lightest, fluffiest flakes we have had in snow since March of 2009. There was very little wind and the flakes were small. None of those large flakes. The sun came out this morning and the snow began to melt and evaporate. The sun felt very good, even though the temperature was only about 40 F. I took some time to build my usual snowman. The dogs had a lot of fun playing outside and I took some time to do some of my annual Feb pruning.

Tuesday February 9th, 2010

Me and the wife were off together today. That doesn’t happen that much so we spent the day just doing some more winter type work like cleaning out for me and scrapbooking for Linda. The weather outside was cloudy most of the day and later in the day when we were at Belk department store it was raining finally. Hey, we both found the shoes we needed. That was great.

The weather will turn decidedly colder tonight and much windier. The cold will be with us for the rest of the week. By the weekend we expect to have some snow close by, although the weather models can’t agree on where the snow will be. As of tonight, the thought is that the I-20 corrider from Dallas to Columbia SC will be the sweet spot. That would include areas around Dallas, Montgomery Ala., Macon Ga, over to Columbia SC. So, I guess it’s like it usually is, wait and see.

Monday February 8th, 2010

Today was a usual winter day. Low of 31 and a high of 48 degrees F. Tomorrow will bring rain with a possibility of it starting as sleet before dawn. I was able to go out and throw the frisbie with my little dog Chester for a while. He loves when the sun shines and he can get out and play. That dog would rather fetch than anything else in this world. I shouldn’t love a little dog so much.

Sunday February 7th, 2010

Well, the sun was out today and it was very nice. The air temperature was cool, in the 40’s, but the sun helped the area to dry out to a certain extent. Linda had to work today and I went to church. She was telling me that their was ice on the road on her way to work because businesses have still gotten their sprinklers running. Duh!? What’s up with that? Anyone operating a sprinkler right now has to be totally clueless.

Looks like a snowstorm later this week here in the south, possibly by Friday. Weather forecasters are giving the area between Interstate 40 and Interstate 20  to be the sweet spot. We will see. If that is true, my son in Sumter, SC and my daughter in Thomson, Ga. will receive snow.

later, larry