Sunday February 28th 2010

This weekend was nice although it was a little on the cool side. I have been inside a lot as I have some projects I want to get done before the weather turns off warmer. Then I can spend my time outside without worrying about getting inside projects done. I have ordered  my garden seeds and they have arrived and everything was in stock. I am planting the usual stuff again this year. Squash (yellow and zuchinni) tomatoes, cucumbers, cantaloupe, and beans. Those are the crops we really love to eat and can. I will have to get the garden clear first and that is a March project. I suppose planting will be late again this year as the ground is very cold.

Mama has been gone two weeks now and I miss her. But I didn’t get to see her that often before she died, so I kinda have seperated myself from the pain of missing her. I will miss her more as time goes on when I see her grave and other times. I can’t believe mama and daddy both are gone.

Snow for Tuesday. Somebody along the upstate of SC will get 6 inches or more.


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