February 6, 2010 – 2:52 pm

Well, we just finished another round of rainy weather again. We received 2.77 inches of rain, sleet and snow here at my PWS (Personal Weather Station)


from Thursday, Feb 4, 2010 at around 5pm until today. The whole system started as sleet and snow but quickly changed over to rain by Thursday evening.

The weather pattern for this winter has been a far cry from the past several winters. Last year at this time we were wondering if we would have enough water to get us through the spring and summer. Last summer the local water district placed the area on a new watering schedule. If your address is an even numbered residence, then you are allowed to use water outside on Thursdays and Sundays only. If you have an uneven residence address , such as we do, then you only water outside on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The water district implemented this new policy as an entirely new way of looking at water usage. They have made it a permanent policy, much to my satisfaction. As a society we take our natural resources for granted, especially water. It’s amazing how much energy people waste whether it is power, gas, water etc… I am all into saving the environment. Believe it or not, drought will be back again.


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