Thursday March 4th, 2010

The sun is getting brighter day by day and the daffodils are showing their heads. Today was windy and cool, but at times the wind would die and the air would feel almost warm. Amazing, after a long cold winter, 50 degrees F feels good.


Wednesday March 3rd, 2010

Wonderful Snow

March Snow

I can’t remember the last time I saw it snow so hard as it did yesterday and not have anything on the ground when it was all over. I know it has to do with the time of year that it occurred and the time of day. The sun angle is much higher and the ground is a tad warmer by now. Also, if the snow had come at night we would have had a lot on the ground. The air temperature was marginal as well. Recorded 32.9 degrees as the lowest temp all day during the snow which wasn’t quite cold enough. Very interesting march snow.

Tuesday March 2nd, 2010

Started snowing this morning here at the house about 9:30 am. It really came down hard for a while. Although the snow was intense, the coverage on the ground is about melted. March snow does not hang around long and if you get it during the day, it will melt about as fast as it comes down. Last March we had a similar snow on the 2nd of March and it came late in the evening until early morning and it stayed. We eventually had 4 inches of snow. We could easily have had 6 inches today if the sun angle hadn’t been so high in the sky. There is more snow coming today, so maybe we will get some on the ground.

Sunday February 28th 2010

This weekend was nice although it was a little on the cool side. I have been inside a lot as I have some projects I want to get done before the weather turns off warmer. Then I can spend my time outside without worrying about getting inside projects done. I have ordered  my garden seeds and they have arrived and everything was in stock. I am planting the usual stuff again this year. Squash (yellow and zuchinni) tomatoes, cucumbers, cantaloupe, and beans. Those are the crops we really love to eat and can. I will have to get the garden clear first and that is a March project. I suppose planting will be late again this year as the ground is very cold.

Mama has been gone two weeks now and I miss her. But I didn’t get to see her that often before she died, so I kinda have seperated myself from the pain of missing her. I will miss her more as time goes on when I see her grave and other times. I can’t believe mama and daddy both are gone.

Snow for Tuesday. Somebody along the upstate of SC will get 6 inches or more.

Wednesday February 24th 2010

The month is almost over and it has been a pretty cold one. Today it is raining and chilly with a chance of snow flurries later, but I don’t think that will happen. However, it will become much colder tonight and tomorrow with a good deal of wind. Gusts could be up to 35 mph on Thursday.

My Wednesday is a usual Wednesday as I work and then supper and then choir at church. I am loving these days lately even though mama left us to go to heaven on Valentines Day. I am at peace as we deal with this and her leaving. I am so thankful for her and her life even though I didn’t always agree with her on many things, but that’s ok. I hope to see mom and daddy one day.

Snow by the first of next week. We’ll see.

Friday February 19th 2010

Well, Well. The day was sunny and very nice with a temperature of about 60 F. I saw many folks getting their cars and trucks washed at local detail shops. Everyone seems to be glad to see the warmer weather and the sunshine.My wife hates February and rightfully so. Her mother died in February. The landscape is grey. There isn’t much snow to brighten up the land. It is cold usually. She is ready for spring. I love winter and tomorrow I will be outside getting more pruning done. Me and my dog are looking forward to it.

Thursday February 18th 2010

Well, a small sample of spring to come occurred today as the temperature got into the 50’s and the sun shone brightly. My dog loved it very much as he wanted to run and fetch his 2nd favorite shoe. I was glad to get back to work today after three days off for my mother’s funeral. It was a busy day, which was good, but I ended up without a jacket, outside on many occasions, which I did not prefer. It was still a bit breezy and cool. Looking like 50’s to 60 by Saturday.